What does the IP68 level mean in the security cameras?

IP68 refers to a dust and waterproof grade standard issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (International Electrotechnical Commission). The IP represents the “Ingress Protection”, or the level of protection.

The first number indicates the dust level, ranging from 0 to 6, and the larger the number, the better the dust performance. In IP68, the number 6 indicates that the device has the highest level of dust prevention performance, basically completely preventing the entry of dust.

The second number indicates the waterproof grade, ranging from 0 to 9, and the larger the number indicates the better the waterproof performance. In the IP68, the number 8 means that the device has the highest level of waterproofing and can be submerged for long periods without impact.

Therefore, the IP68 level means that the security camera has extremely high dust and water resistance performance, and can still work properly in harsh environments. This camera is suitable for outdoor use, and may maintain a stable monitoring effect when exposed to adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain or dust.

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