1080P vs 2K Security Camera,Which One to Choose?

When choosing between purchasing a 1080P vs 2K security camera system for home or business surveillance, there are several factors to weigh, like image quality, field of view, bandwidth usage, storage requirements, and costs. Here is how to choose between 1080P vs. 2K vs 4K security cameras:

1.Image Quality

A 2K security camera can capture video at resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 pixels, whereas 1080P maxes out at 1920 x 1080 pixels. So, 2K security cameras render images with over twice the number of pixels as 1080P cameras. This leads to more precise, more detailed video footage.But in most cases, 2K and 1080P security camera resolutions offer sufficiently detailed video streams for security purposes. Unless you need to capture license plates or make out tiny details, 1080P cameras should suffice for general property monitoring.

2.Field of View

Most security cameras use wide-angle lenses with fields of view (FOV) between 80° to 120°. A 2K vs 1080P camera with the same lens angle will cover the same area. The 2K camera will show that area with more resolution.So, if covering a particular space with one 1080P vs. 2k camera is preferred, the FOV depends on lens specifications, not the display resolution.

3.Storage Consumption

Higher resolution 2K security cameras will consume 2-3x more storage than 1080P cameras since their video contains many more pixels. Footage from just a few 2K cameras can quickly fill up internal hard drives or memory cards. Large microSD cards become necessary for continuous capture. Users will need to invest in higher storage capacity if going with 2K. This can raise long-term data management costs.


Previously, 2K cameras were substantially more expensive than 1080P cameras. But with 2MP+ cameras becoming mainstream in the security market, costs of primary 2K cameras have lowered closer to 1080P models. Still, high-end 2K cameras need to be pricier than flagship 1080P options.For those seeking maximum savings, 1080P remains the value choice. Going with 2K means paying a premium for extra sharpness, which may only provide practical benefits in some situations.

Overall, while 2K security cameras capture more detailed video, that may be overkill for some use cases.In many cases, 1080P offers sufficient resolution for basic surveillance needs at lower storage and hardware costs. But declining prices of 2K cameras are making the upgrade increasingly  affordable.

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