6 Signs Your Security System Is Outdated

How to tell whether your old security system is outdated? When do you need to upgrade your security system? Should you update the old security system or keep it and take the risk of burglary, break-ins and other dangers?

Check out these 6 signs that remind you to upgrade your outdated security camera system and keep your home safe from the increasingly sophisticated burglars.

1. Provide Blurry Resolution

Are you still using analog security cameras or struggling to see what is captured by your 720p security cameras? Have you ever regretted for the escape of burglar just because of the blurry images?

Your security camera is worthless if it couldn’t provide identifiable images.

Why not update your alarm security system if it can no longer protect your family and when there are affordable high definition security cameras?

It’s time for you to meet the latest megapixel technology: With at least 1,000,000 pixels in one image, the megapixel security camera can provide you with real color and detailed information, much clearer and sharper view of your analog set.

2. No Remote Viewing via Web Browser

The days that we have to come back home to check the feedback of your security cameras are gone and remote viewing has become a popular and common function for most security cameras.

But if you can only remotely visit your security camera via mobile phone, your security system is a little out of style. More and more security cameras can now be easily accessed on web browsers. That’s to say, you will not be distracted by other devices to check your home or business when surf on the Internet. And you can save your time in downloading the clients.

3. Without 2-Way Audio

Have you suffered from burglary and ended up with property loss and a messy home even if the thieves were caught? Have you ever received a security alert when you are miles away but have no idea how to stop it?

This reminds you to upgrade your front door security cameras to the 2-way audio enabled ones. The traditional alarm system is only effective when there is someone to be alarmed at home, but you will be helpless when you are miles away. However, with 2-Way audio function, you will be able to give immediate verbal warning to threaten the burglar away without losing a penny.

4. Use Traditional Wired Technology

Old security systems are typically wired, transmitting signals and getting power via multiple and complex cables that could be easily cut off by some professional burglars.

If the cable thing worries you, why not cut the cord and upgrade your existing wired security system to wireless ones?

In a world of wireless everything, the wireless security cameras become popular at once. With the rapidly-advancing technology, there are 100% truly wire-free security cameras  even for outdoor use which adopts long-lasting batteries (up to 180 days’ standby time).

5. Offer Digital Zoom

A zoom function helps you to capture higher detail of remote objects. So if the system cannot provide that then there is no point in using it.

In digital zoom, you have to cut down the amount of information you are looking at since the limited data in the image. By contrast, in optical zoom, the camera always captures the same amount of information whether you are fully zooming in or out.

So even if you own a megapixel security camera, you’ll only get a grainy image with digital zooming. Upgrade your digital PTZ security camera to the conventional optical ones so that you will never miss a detail in the security captures!

6.Don’t Provide Software/Firmware Upgraded for Long

Software/firmware upgrade is a good way to keep your security system with the up-to-date features and fix some security bugs.

Check out the social security system updates for system regularly. If there are no new operating system security updates available for a long time or the system doesn’t have the capability to update, it’s time to upgrade your security system itself.

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