Baby monitor

A baby monitor is an electronic device used to remotely monitor the activity and state of a baby. It usually consists of a camera and a receiver that can be placed in the baby’s room, while the receiver can be carried or placed in other rooms. Through video transmission technology, parents can observe real-time pictures of their babies at any time.

In addition to video features, some advanced baby monitors are equipped with sound sensors that detect baby cries or other sounds and sound alarms through a receiver. In addition, some monitors also have functions such as temperature and humidity sensors to ensure the comfort and safety of the indoor environment.

Modern baby monitors mostly support wireless connections, connecting to a smartphone, computer, or tablet via Wi-Fi or other wireless networks. This means that parents can watch and control the monitor using their cell phone or computer anywhere.

In short, the baby monitor is a tool to help parents understand and protect their babies at any time, providing a convenient and secure experience while ensuring safety.

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