Basic of IPX8 and IP68

The IP rating system classifies the protection level provided by enclosures (e.g., electronic devices) against intrusion like dust, solid objects, water, and accidental contact. It’s globally recognized and follows the IEC 60529 standard. Ratings consist of two digits for different protections:

  • First Digit (Solid Protection): Ranges 0-6, showing defense against solid particles. A higher digit means better defense.
  • Second Digit (Liquid Protection):Ranges 0-9, showing safeguarding against liquids. A higher digit means stronger liquid protection.
What’s the meaning of IPX8?

IPX8 signifies a focus on water protection with no specific rating for solid particle defense. The “8” denotes the level of water protection. This rating signifies the device’s ability to endure prolonged water immersion beyond IPX7 (temporary immersion), but specifics like depth and duration depend on the manufacturer’s specifications.

What’s the meaning of IP68?

The “6” in IP68 indicates the highest level of solid particle protection (dust-tight) according to the IP rating system. The “8” in IP68 indicates the highest level of water protection according to the IP rating system.

IP68 means that the device is protected against dust and can be submerged in water. The manufacturer will define the specific depth and duration of water immersion that the device can handle without damage.

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