Benefits of 180-Degree Security Camera

Wide monitor area

A wider field of view lets the camera get more information from a scene. This is the primary benefit of these types of cameras, which means the camera will be able to monitor large portions of areas with fewer blind spots. This makes them highly effective in parking lots, warehouses, your home driveway, etc.

High efficiency

This would translate to lower costs if you are trying to watch an expansive area. Rather than using multiple cameras with smaller FOVs, you could use one or just a few 180-degree security cams to cover the same large area, saving you extra costs on purchasing and maintaining cameras.

High resolution and more detail

Another significant benefit is the camera’s resolution and high level of detail. Because of the 180-degrees security camera’s application in surveillance, manufacturers are now equipping their products with the ability to record in high-res. This feature is handy for facial recognition and identifying license plates of suspicious vehicles.

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