Bulb security camera

A light bulb security camera is a security device that combines camera technology with a light bulb. It usually has the following characteristics:


Bulb security camera appearance is similar to ordinary bulbs, not easy to be detected, can be monitored without attention.

 Omni-directional monitoring

Light bulb security cameras usually have a 360-degree omnidirectional monitoring ability, which can monitor the surrounding environment in real time.

 Remote access

By connecting the light bulb security camera to the Internet, users can remotely access and control the device to view real-time video images anytime and anywhere.

 Mobile detection

The bulb security camera supports the mobile detection function. When a moving object enters the monitoring range, the alarm will be automatically triggered and the relevant information will be sent to the user.

 Intelligent functions

Some advanced models of light bulb security cameras also have intelligent functions, such as face recognition, sound recognition, etc., which can more accurately judge and alarm.

It is important to note that laws and regulations should be observed when using the bulb security camera and the principles of personal privacy protection.

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