Common Applications of 180-Degree Security Cameras

These security cameras’ ability to record with a wide field of view makes them suitable for use in different indoor and outdoor settings.

Doorbell cameras

One typical use is to install 180-degree security cams at the front door to monitor movement at your doorstep. Even from your door, the cameras can still cover a large portion of their surroundings, thanks to their wide FOV.

A doorbell cam is a great way to keep an eye on your doorstep. A 180 degree security cam at your door can help deter criminals and generally keep an eye on what is happening outside your door, especially for the safety of your delivery package. The 180 degree wide angle doorbell cam gives you peace of mind and the assurance that your doorstep is constantly monitored.


180-degrees security cameras also work well in walled areas. To get the best out of them, though, they must be used in spacious indoor areas like warehouses, cafeterias, hotels, hallways and more.


The outdoors are where 180-degree security cams shine best. Their wide-angle lens is more effective than those of a traditional camera and provides video footage with dynamic viewing angles. With 180-degree cams, there are fewer blind spots, and the camera can provide better coverage without needing extra cameras.

Usually, these cameras are often designed with night vision and made to be weather resistant, so using them outside can be as easy as possible.

Examples of outdoor locations the cameras can be used include parking lots, yards, farms, etc.

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