Common High Resolution Security Cameras

When you’re shopping for your new security camera, there are three common resolutions to choose from—2K, 4K and 12MP. Each of these offers a different image quality and the potential for either more or less visible details:

2K resolution security cameras: 

Image Quality: These cameras produce a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which results in a clear video, but the lowest image detail of the three options.

Ideal for: Residential and small businesses that need a balance of price, video quality, and convenient storage requirements. Image quality isn’t as important as accessibility and cost efficiency.

4K resolution security cameras:

Image Quality: Producing a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K cameras deliver sharp, clear video footage allowing viewers to spot more details than 2K.

Ideal for: Larger spaces where capturing finer details is more crucial. This includes commercial spaces, large properties, and other areas where tighter security is vital. The superior image quality enables easier identification of subjects.

12MP security cameras:

Image Quality: With a resolution of 4512 x 2512 pixels, 12MP cameras produce high-quality images that showcase exceptional clarity and detail. The increased pixel count ensures sharper and more vibrant video footage, allowing viewers to perceive even the tiniest nuances in the recorded scenes.

Ideal for: Super large retail spaces, financial institutions, and crowded public areas are in extreme need of higher resolution cameras for detailed surveillance. Their improved image quality by 12MP cameras facilitate enhanced analysis and identification of crucial details, guaranteeing precise capture of every significant event.

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