How to know if your home is being watched, marked or trapped by burglars?

We’ll share with you some common warning signs of a burglary, as well as some unusual signs that a burglar is targeting a home.

  1. Observe your surroundings carefully:Keep an eye out for strangers wandering around your home or watching your home. Pay special attention to people who look suspicious or attract unusual attention.
  2. Watch for vehicles:Watch for vehicles parked in your neighborhood, especially vehicles parked in the same place that arouse your suspicion. Burglars may use the vehicle as a lookout point.
  3. Check security systems and surveillance cameras: Make sure you have effective security systems and surveillance cameras installed in your home and that they are functioning properly. Check and test these devices regularly to make sure they are not malfunctioning or damaged.
  4. Check locks and windows: Regularly check locks and windows to make sure they have not been picked or damaged. If you notice any suspicious signs (e.g. scratches, tool marks, etc.), take immediate action.
  5. Watch out for unusual letters or packages:If you notice unusual letters, packages or advertising flyers being sent to you unsolicited, this could be a sign that a burglar is trying to determine if you are at home.
  6. Pay attention to electricity, gas and water meters: Check the readings on your electricity, gas and water meters regularly. If you notice unusual or unusual changes (such as an increase in electricity consumption or the meter turning faster), someone may be using your services at your home.
  7. Pay close attention to social media: Be cautious about sharing personal information and travel plans, and avoid publicly posting details about time away from home or trips on social media. Burglars may use this information to select targets. 8.
  8. Seek professional help:If you are concerned about the security of your home, consult a professional security advisor or contact your local police department for advice and support. They can provide more specific guidance and advice to ensure your safety.

Of course, the above methods are for guidance only and do not guarantee 100% certainty that a home is being watched, marked or trapped. If you suspect that there is a security issue at your residence, take appropriate steps to protect yourself and your property as soon as possible.

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