Interesting Facts About CCTV Cameras

1、The earliest documented application of the CCTV camera system dates back to 1942 – longer than you may think. Walter Bruch, a noted German engineer, designed and installed the system that used CCTV cameras to observe the launch of V2 rockets on monitors.

2、It wasn’t until 1949 that the CCTV system was first used commercially. In that year, an American company launched Vericon, to keep an eye on dangerous industrial processes or bring a close-up of surgical operations to students.

3、Thanks to CCTV technology, audiences can enjoy pay-per-view sports streaming in the 1970s. “The Rumble in the Jungle” fight alone drew jaw-dropping 50 million CCTV viewers worldwide at that time – a quite historical event!

4、The primitive CCTV systems was not applied in security monitoring until 1968 when New York was first to install video cameras in an effort to fight crime. Since then, CCTV cameras began to spread across the world – rapidly and unstoppably.

5、There are more than 350 million CCTV cameras worldwide mainly for security monitoring in public areas or private residences – a truly enormous amount!

6、If you are in the US, you will be captured by security cameras over 200 times a day – not a surprise if you know every 10 people in America own more than one security camera.

7、People in different countries may have different names for security cameras, like surveillance cameras or IP cameras. The British prefer to use “CCTV cameras” when they mention security cameras. 8、A majority of CCTV cameras are IP cameras that connect to the Internet and can be accessed wherever the Internet is available. That means CCTV cameras are not totally “closed-circuit” anymore.

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