Key Features of Wireless Doorbell Cameras

Key Features of Wireless Doorbell Cameras

Local Storage Capability: Wireless doorbell cameras commonly have an SD card that stores footage locally, allowing you to access and view the video on the camera or another device.

Some doorbell camera brands, also allow their users to add doorbell cameras to their NVRs for local video storage and better surveillance experience.

Smart Detection:  wireless doorbell cameras can detect movements by people or pets in their field of vision and notify users when certain movement is detected.

Night Vision: Doorbell cameras that work on WiFi frequently offer night vision capabilities, providing clear footage even during low-light conditions.

High-Quality Video: Most wireless doorbell cameras come with 2K or higher resolution video streaming capabilities, ensuring they can capture clear pictures and videos of subjects even from a distance.

Ability to work with other cameras: You can consider its ability to work with other cameras, Linking multiple cameras together provides increased coverage and protection for your home and property. An NVR (Network Video Recorder) can be incorporated into the mix to give users the option to record footage locally without needing cloud storage or subscription services. Additionally, having multiple cameras in place allows you to cover more area around your home and keep tabs on what’s happening both inside and outside.

Remote Access: The cameras can be conveniently controlled from other devices. For instance, you could view motion alerts and see who is at the door from your phone or PC.

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