PoE camera

The PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera is a camera with a built-in network and power supply functions. It can transmit data and power simultaneously through a standard Ethernet cable without additional power lines.

The PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera has the following advantages:

Simplified installation

The PoE camera only needs one Ethernet cable to transmit data and power, without an additional power cord. This makes the installation process easier and easier, reducing the complexity and cost of wiring.


Because the PoE cameras use standard Ethernet connections, you can place them far away from the network switch. The Ethernet cable can be up to 100 meters long, providing greater flexibility when arranging the monitoring system.

Cost effectiveness

Cost by using PoE cameras. No additional power cord, power adapters, or electrical sockets are required, reducing the overall cost of equipment procurement and installation.


The PoE technology provides a stable and reliable power supply to ensure that the camera works continuously. It can manage the power supply through the intelligent switch, monitor and manage the power consumption of the camera.


The PoE cameras use the standard Ethernet encryption protocol for data transmission to ensure the security of the monitored data. In addition, there is only one physical connection point because there is only one.

Remote monitoring

Since the PoE camera uses a network connection, you can view and manage the camera in real time with remote access and monitoring software. This makes remote monitoring and management more convenient and flexible.

In summary, the advantages of the PoE cameras include simplified installation, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, reliability, security, and remote monitoring. These advantages make the PoE camera ideal for a variety of scenarios, including home, office, commercial, and industrial environments.

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