The type of the security camera

There are many types of security cameras, which are classified according to their application scenarios, features and features. Here are some of the most common types of security cameras:

Fixed cameras

Fixed cameras are the most common type of security cameras. They are installed in a fixed position and take still images or video. This type of camera is often used to monitor specific areas, such as entrances, exits, or parking lots.


A webcam is a type of being connected to a network and transmitting video and images via a Internet. They often have built-in IP addresses that can be accessed and controlled over the network.

Thermal imaging / infrared camera

Thermal imaging / infrared camera uses infrared radiation to capture the heat of a target object and convert it into visible images. This type of camera is very useful for monitoring in low-light or completely dark environments.

HD resolution / 4K camera

HD resolution / 4K camera has a higher image resolution, which can provide clearer and more detailed images. They are commonly used in scenarios that require higher visual quality, such as commercial and industrial monitoring.

Hidden camera

The hidden camera is designed to look similar to ordinary objects in order to hide in the environment without being detected. This type of camera is often used in places where secret surveillance or criminal precautions is required.

Wireless camera

Wireless camera uses wireless technology (such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to communicate with other devices, without the need for complex cable connections. This type of camera is very convenient for temporary installation and mobile monitoring.

PTZ camera

The PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera has rotation, tilt, and zoom capabilities to change the viewing angle, direction, and magnification through remote control.

These are some common types of security cameras, each with its own unique application scenarios and functional features. It is very important to choose the type that suits your own needs according to the actual needs.

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