What is resolution: to understand the basics

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that the display device or image device can display or the number of pixels within a unit area. It is usually expressed by the number of pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions, for example, 1920×1080 indicates 1920 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1080 pixels in the vertical direction.

Resolution is very important for display devices, and it determines the delicacy and clarity of the image display. Higher resolution means more pixels, sharper images and more detail. Conversely, low resolution can lead to blurred, unclear images.

In the computer field, resolution is also used to describe the performance of a screen or display. Unit pixels are usually used to indicate the screen size, such as a 24-inch 2K screen.2K refers to approximately 2,000 pixels in the horizontal direction.

It should be noted that increasing resolution may lead to increased system resource consumption as more amounts of data will be processed. Therefore, when selecting display devices, you need to balance the relationship between resolution and performance according to the specific requirements and hardware configuration.

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