What’s Problem you will Run into When Replacing the Security Cameras?

When replacing security cameras, you may encounter certain challenges and problems that need to be addressed.

Analog coaxial cable system

Ensure that your power supply box is in good condition, providing the appropriate voltage and ample amperage to support the newly acquired cameras. Inspect the condition of your current cables and replace any faulty ones. Perform a bench test on any cameras suspected to be malfunctioning using a reliable, short cable, and test them with a dedicated power supply.

Password setting

When connecting the new cameras to the NVR or DVR, you may need to input passwords and configure access settings. Ensure you have the login credentials or follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set up the cameras securely.

Power requirements

The new cameras may have different power requirements compared to the old ones. Ensure that the power supply box or PoE (Power over Ethernet) switch can provide the correct voltage and sufficient amperage to power the new cameras.

Network configuration

If the new cameras are IP-based, ensure your network is properly configured to assign unique IP addresses to each camera. This includes setting up DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or manually assigning static IP addresses.

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