Battery Powered Security Cameras

What Exactly Pan/Tilt Function of Battery Powered Security Cameras Is?

You may have heard of “PTZ” many times. But what is it means? What are the advantages of battery powered security cameras with pan and tilt?

  • Pan— It means that the camera can rotate horizontally, just like a person turning his/her head from left to right.
  • Tilt— It means that the camera can move vertically (up and down). It is similar to a person raising or lowering his/her head to look up or down.
  • Zoom— a zoom lens means is the one that maintains focus when the focal length changes. Usually, security cameras have 2 types of zoom lenses: optical zoom and digital zoom. (You can see the detailed comparison of security cameras optical zoom and digital zoom).

One of the biggest advantages of battery operated/powered pan tilt IP surveillance cameras is that this type of security cameras can provide large field of view and cover more areas of your home/business. You can simply look around your property simply by controlling the pan/tilt button via security camera app installed on your smartphones.


What You Need to Focus when Buying Battery Powered WiFi Security Cameras with Pan/Tilt

When you Google best wireless (WiFi) battery powered outdoor/indoor security cameras, there are some important elements you need to know.


Get a wide-angle battery powered wireless security cameras with pan tilt function

Battery powered WiFi pan tilt security cameras with wide angle can cover more areas of your home/business, and reduce blind spots. A battery operated/powered CCTV wireless security camera with 360-degree pan enables you to look almost everywhere inside/outside your home. The tilt function, with large degrees, can let you view your property up and down.

The wider the viewing angle, the more horizontal viewing area will be covered.


Buy a battery powered pan/tilt wireless IP camera with long battery life

Indeed, when you are about to buy battery powered security cameras, one of your biggest concerns would be the battery life. No one wants to replace the batteries frequently.

Thanks to the advanced technology, some battery operated security cameras can operate for several months!

It’s definitely a must to learn some useful ways to extend the battery life of your battery powered/operated home security cameras with pan and tilt.

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