Differences between 2K and 4K Security Cameras

There are several differences between 4K resolution and 2K resolution, and they have a significant impact on the functionality of a security camera.

Image Quality

The resolution and image sensor inside the camera determine the image quality of different security cameras. 2K cameras have a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels and an image sensor of 4 megapixels. 4K security cameras have twice the resolution and are usually equipped with an 8 megapixel image sensor. As a result, 4K security cameras offer greater clarity and sharper images than 2K cameras, allowing you to see details even from a distance.

Field of View

4K security cameras typically have a wider field of view than 2K cameras because they often feature wide-angle lenses. This allows them to cover larger spaces and can reduce the number of cameras needed to cover a building or lot.

Night Vision Capabilities

The latest image sensor and processing technology in 4K security cameras allows them to capture clearer images at night or in poorly lit areas than 2K cameras. For example, many 2K security cameras have built-in infrared lights that allow the camera to capture black and white images at night

However, some 4K security cameras are equipped with both IR lights and spotlights, making full-color night vision possible. This improvement is important for night surveillance to ensure that critical details are not lost in the dark.

Storage and Bandwidth Consumption

If the same H.264 video standard is used, there is no doubt that 4K Ultra HD surveillance cameras require more bandwidth usage and storage consumption than 2K 1440p IP cameras.

Fortunately, 4K IP cameras adopt the latest H.265 high-efficiency standard, which can reduce bandwidth usage and storage consumption by about 50% without compromising image quality.


Until now, 4K security cameras have been much more expensive than 2K cameras. Advanced technology comes at a price. If you want to view a clearer, sharper picture, you may have to pay more. This phenomenon has discouraged users on a tight budget from using 4K surveillance cameras.

However, with 4K technology, it’s only a matter of time before 4K IP cameras become budget-friendly. To offset some of the cost, keep in mind that a 4K camera has a wider field of view, which may reduce the number of cameras needed for your environment.

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